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du Moulin

Lac Beauport

Québec Singletrack Expérience

The undisputed jewel of the Québec City region, SDM stands out for its expertly groomed trails in an inhospitable but beautiful environment where spruce trees cling to the granite of the Canadian Shield. The Maelstrom mountain trails are a real work of art, linking incredibly long sections of raw rock with tastefully carved sidewalks. The SDM sector offers equally rugged trails that are perfect for advanced riders.


Trails not to be missed :

  • Maelstrom
  • Crête du Lynx
  • Slab City
  • Wolverine
  • Super G
  • Léon

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Québec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack Expérience