For Racers as Much as for Weekend Warriors - Québec Singletrack Expérience

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Why you must ride the QSE

For Racers as Much as for Weekend Warriors


QSE is accessible to everyone, whether you want to race or just enjoy the trails and scenery.

The QSE is accessible to all mountain bikers, whether you want to compete in a race or just enjoy the trails and scenery. Ride between 2 and 4 hours per day depending on your fitness and experience level. Choose the short course or the long course on the longer stages. Whether you are an elite rider or just looking for the mountain biking experience of a lifetime, you will become a Qué-Biker!

In Race Mode

You compete against people in your age category, either solo or in teams of two. Each day, you get your stage time and your overall time. Note that at the request of participants and for safety reasons, the daily timed downhill and uphill segments are no longer offered.

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In Ride Mode

Forget the stopwatch, go at your own pace. Stop and take pictures, in short, have fun! You will be provided with a plate with a chip like the runners, but it is only for security reasons.

With The S’quad, You Are Never Alone!

The S’Quad is a group of a dozen volunteers on bicycles who accompany you all week long. They are well identified, and they are everywhere! The S’Quad enriches the experience with their support and assistance. They play 1,000 roles… depending on your needs. They help. They facilitate. They guide you on the trails so you can find the perfect line through the most technical sections. For the slower runners, or if you’re just having a bad day on the trail, they become your best friends… for life.


An “Experience” Both on and off the Bike

Meet people from all over the planet in a festive and friendly atmosphere. A summer camp for adults!

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July 10 to 14, 2023

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Québec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack Expérience